Uruguay was headquarters of the IV Latin American Congress of Jungian Psychology. Almost 500 mental health professionals (psychologists and psychiatrists) met in Punta de Este recently to discuss technical and theoretical developments and to exchange academic points of view derived from clinical experience.
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The Congress was held from September 2-7, organized by the Uruguayan Society of Analytical Psychology (SUPA), the Brazilian Society of Analytical Psychology (SBrPA) and the Jungian Association of Brazil (AJB). All are members of the International Association of Analytical Psychology (IAAP).


Congress Organization Committee, members of the Uruguayan Society of Analytical Psychology (SUPA) :
congresop6.jpg - from left to right : Dr. Demian Diaz, Dr. Mario Saiz, Psych. Pablo Gelsi
congresop7.jpg - from left to right : Psych. Pilar Amézaga, Psych. Maria Pia Ciasullo, Psych. Isabel Mutio
fotocomite.jpg - left to right : Pablo Gelsi (SUPA), Maria Pia Ciasullo (SUPA), Paul Kugler (USA), Pilar Amezaga(SUPA), Mabela Mutio and Mario Eugenio Saiz (SUPA)

View from Punta Ballena, Punta del Este :
supa-punta-ballena.jpg - from left to right : Beverly Zabriskie, Tom Kelly, Pilar Amezaga (SUPA), Hester Solomon, Maria Pia Ciasullo, Joe Cambray, and Pablo Gelsi (SUPA)

In addition to Brazil and Uruguay, most of the 470 participants came from Latin American countries including Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Venezuela.  However, Jungian Analysts from Canada, England, France, Israel, Italy, Germany, Spain and the United States participated in the event.

The activities were organized towards pre-congress courses, panels, thematic coffees, clinical and cultural discussions and workshops, which greatly enhanced audience participation and contributed to a lively exchange of views.

The Proceedings, which include the majority of the papers, have already been edited and were sold during the Congress (now at Uruguayan Catholic University’s Library).

The Congress built on 12 years experience in teaching Analytical Psychology in Uruguay, not only in undergraduate studies in the School of Psychology of the Catholic University of Uruguay but also, through a Diploma, Postgraduate courses, and Masters degree studies in Clinical-Analytical Psychology.  During the Congress, a new Masters degree on Jungian Psychotherapy was announced, starting as of March 2007 at the Catholic University of Uruguay.

There was also the premier of the first book edited in Spanish and Portuguese on Psychopathology, Simbolic-Arquethypical Psychodinamics; a Junguian perspective of the integration of psychopathology and analytical clinic.

After the Congress, the Latin American Committee of Jungian Psychology (in which every country is represented) decided that the V Latin American Congress (2009) will be hosted by Chile.

Psych. Maria Pia Ciasullo

IAAP Executive Committee

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