Evocations Of Absence: Multidisciplinary Perspectives On Void States
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Title:      Evocations Of Absence: Multidisciplinary Perspectives On Void States
Categories:      Spring Journal
BookID:      9010
Authors:      Paul W. Ashton
ISBN-10(13):      9781882670758
Publisher:      Spring Journal, Inc.
Publication date:      2007-08-01
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If absence is the most compelling form of presence, then emptiness is pregnant with fullness, and the Void is not a place of darkness, but of potentially healing light. That is the unifying theme and underlying message of this wide-ranging collection of essays, brought together in this volume by psychiatrist and Jungian analyst Paul W. Ashton, author of "From the Brink: Experiences of the Void from a Depth Psychological Perspective" (2007). The essays are drawn from fields as diverse as music, art, poetry, religion, neurobiology, dance/movement therapy, and philosophy, and many are written against the backdrop of Jungian psychotherapy. While each of the contributors brings his or her own unique perspective- and, in some cases, personal experience- to bear on the painful experience of the void state, they unanimously strike a note of unqualified optimism that we can, if we embrace that pain, return from the abyss transformed.

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