Mortally Wounded: Stories of Soul Pain, Death, and Healing
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Title:      Mortally Wounded: Stories of Soul Pain, Death, and Healing
Categories:      Spring Journal
BookID:      9007
Authors:      Michael Kearney
ISBN-10(13):      9781882670796
Publisher:      Spring Journal, Inc
Publication date:      2007-12-01
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What makes for a good death? In Mortally Wounded, a bestseller in Ireland, where it was first published, Dr. Michael Kearney reflects on his personal experiences working with the dying and shows us that it is possible to learn to die well. Starting from the premise that our fear of death is as much a cultural construct as an ancient fear of the dark, Kearney moves into the area in which it is possible to die well or "in one piece, psychologically speaking." Exploring some of the same territory as James Hillman and Thomas Moore, Kearney emphasizes the importance of going downward into soul, where we can find the elements of psychological wholeness, a healing balm to be applied to our mortal wound. Sensitive, intelligent, and brutally honest, Kearney opens a window on our darkest, most difficult subject, and lets some light in.

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