Lilith - the First Eve
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Title:      Lilith - the First Eve
Categories:      Daimon
BookID:      1031
Authors:      Siegmund Hurwitz
ISBN-10(13):      3856305777
Publisher:      Daimon Books
Publication date:      2008-01-01
Edition:      2nd
Number of pages:      0
Language:      English
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Product Description
In a facinating excursion though the history of her myth, Seigmund Hurwitz presents and interprets the ancient dark-winged goddess Lilth, aslo know as "the first Eve". The authors extraoridnary meticulous study of the original sources brings to light a stiking figure long lost from our awareness, yet highly relevant to a psychological understanding of today's evolving masculine and feminine identities. Case material from his analytical practice imbeds Lilith in the everyday problems of contemporary life. That an unbridled life-urge which refuses to be assimilated lies behind depression...seems to me to be a new and important discovery. By combining the experience of a comtemporaryman with this historical material, Seigmund Hurwitz sheds new light on both. - From the Foreword by Marie-Louise von Franz