The Enchantment of the Garden
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Title:      The Enchantment of the Garden
Categories:      Daimon
BookID:      1015
Authors:      Ruth Ammann
ISBN-10(13):      3856307249
Publisher:      Daimon Verlag
Publication date:      2008-10-01
Edition:      1st
Number of pages:      0
Language:      English
Price:      34.00  USD
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Product Description
A garden is a very special place with many faces, and it can lead us to previously unknown worlds. Anyone involved with gardens knows how they can touch the soul in countless ways. Garden and soul comprise a kind of secret in-between world, a space between the light and the dark, culture and nature, conscious and unconscious, spirit and body—a space that has an irresistible attraction for us. Ancient wisdom tells us that gardens have a healing, nourishing effect on the human soul and body. The garden belongs to the great archetype of life and is one of the few big archetypal images that are experienced primarily as positive. This positive experience is significant because the garden is a part of the natural and cultural human environment, and thus, is particularly influential in the interaction between human beings and their environment. This delightful book invites readers to see and experience in new ways the abundance and variety of gardens and their influence on our inner life.