The Wizards' Gate
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Title:      The Wizards' Gate
Categories:      Daimon
BookID:      1068
Authors:      Ann Belford Ulanov
ISBN-10(13):      9783856305390
Publisher:      Daimon Verlag
Publication date:      1994-01-01
Number of pages:      0
Language:      Not specified
Price:      22.00  USD
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Product Description
This book, adapted from the distinguished Hale Lectures presents material from a woman's wrestling with death, showing how inextricably mixed are matters theological and psychological.

At a point when her life was blossoming in every way, Nancy was struck down by a terminal brain tumor which soon robbed her of her speech. She used paintings, many of which are here reproduced, to wrestle with this blow and to communicate what she was slowly discerning in the face of death, something from the 'other side.'

The author addresses a variety of related issues, including the place of language in analysis and the role of the feminine mode of being, especially in transference and countertransference.