Transforming Body and Soul: Therapeutic Wisdom in the Gospel Healing Stories
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Title:      Transforming Body and Soul: Therapeutic Wisdom in the Gospel Healing Stories
Categories:      Fisher King
BookID:      3020
Authors:      Steven A Galipeau
ISBN-10(13):      1926715624
Publisher:      Fisher King Press
Publication date:      2012-01-01
Edition:      Revised
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Language:      English
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Revised edition, now with Index, larger pages, and a larger font, for more comfortable reading.

"Religion has become sick. Jesus's teaching and healing ministries point out this frightening and important truth. The worst enemies of religion usually lie within religion itself. A subtle rigidity takes over that blocks the flow of healing." Chapter 7 of Transforming Body and Soul

With all the scholarly attention given to the Scriptures in the Christian community, it is remarkable how little study has been done of the Gospel healing stories. These stories embody and reflect powerful interpersonal dynamics, which are being rediscovered today in the practice of psychotherapy As a healer, Jesus forms a bridge between the most ancient of healers, the shamans, and recent developments in psychosomatic medicine and depth psychology Body and soul are intimately connected--health in one is often reflected in wholeness in the other.

Blending the insights of Biblical scholarship with those of modern psychology, Galipeau examines each of the Gospel healing stories in depth. Transforming Body and Soul is a valuable resource for psychotherapists and counselors as well as clergy and pastoral ministers. Anyone seeking health and wholeness of body and spirit will find this a rewarding, challenging and therapeutic book.