Archetypal Psychologies

Archetypal Psychologies : Reflections in Honor of James Hillman

by Stanton Marlan, editor
ISBN: 978-1-882670-54-3; 1882670795
524 pp.
From the Studies in Archetypal Psychology Series, Series Editor: Greg Mogenson
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Archetypal PsychologiesThis unique collection of essays was inspired by the wide-ranging work of James Hillman. In keeping with the "polytheistic" spirit of archetypal psychology, Hillman's writings have enriched the entire spectrum of our cultural imagination, challenging thinkers in such diverse fields as philosophy, religion, history, mythology, language, urban studies, politics, the men's movement, feminist criticism, ethics, art, film studies, poetry, analytic practice, and more.

In this volume, Stanton Marlan brings together the work of 29 leading scholars, practitioners, and new voices as a testament to the fecundity and influence of archetypal psychology around the world. Archetypal Psychologies highlights the importance both of Hillman's original contributions and of current developments in this field. Featured in the volume are an excerpt from the developing official biography of James Hillman, a provocative current interview with Hillman, and a series of rare photographs. This work provides a fascinating exploration of the innovative ideas and current controversies generated by archetypal psychology and of how its many-faceted approach to life and culture intersects with and enriches contemporary society. It is certain to become a classic text in the field of archetypal psychology.


1. Transference, Friendship, and Other Mysteries: A Reverie Stanton Marlan
2. Legacy of the Ancestors Dick Russell
3. James Hillman and Friends: A Photographic Retrospective Paul Kugler
4. Interview with James Hillman: Past, Present, Future Jan Marlan
5. A Celebration of Images

6. Our Intellectual Family: We Fight and We Love Ginette Paris
7. Hillman Re-Visioning Hillman: Polemics and Paranoia Marcus Quintaes

8. Quelle Surprise! Going to the Edge of Things (with and for James Hillman) Edward S. Casey
9. Thinking in the Space Between: Phenomenology and Archetypal Psychology Robert D. Romanyshyn
10. Myth and Plot: Hillman and Ricoeur on Narrative Michael P. Sipiora
11. James Hillman on Language: Escape from the Linguistic Prison Sanford L. Drob
12. Hillman and the Syzygy Greg Mogenson
13. The Unassimilable Remnant--What Is at Stake? A Dispute with Stanton Marlan Wolfgang Giegerich
14. Imaginology: The Jungian Study of the Imagination Michael Vannoy Adams

15. Psyche's Poetry David L. Miller
16. White Riding: Milking a Legend Nor Hall
17. On Art and Psychology Rafael López-Pedraza
18. Deconstructing the Monstrous: An "Ecologically Correct" Approach--From "What are Dragons for?" to "What do Dragons Want?" Sylvester Wojtkowski
19. Notes towards an Archetypal Theology of the Gospels Thomas Moore

20. Rules of Thumb towards an Archetypal Psychology Practice Patricia Berry
21. Mystical Light: Dream Images and the Alchemy of Psychic Momentum Stanton Marlan
22. Numb Glen Slater
23. Hekate, or On Being Trivial in Psychotherapy Velimir B. Popovic
24. How a Character Embodies an Actor Robert Bosnak

25. "Breaking the Vessels": Archetypal Psychology and the Restoration of Culture, Community, and Ecology Mary Watkins
26. The Work of James Hillman: City and Soul, and Providence, RI Robert Leaver
27. 9/11, The Twin Towers, and American Soul Ronald Schenk

28. The Archetype of the Personal: A Memoir Scrap Lyn Cowan
29. Being and Non-Being: Fullness and Emptiness Kazuhiko Higuchi
30. An Open Letter to James Hillman Noel Cobb
31. Better with Time: Honoring James Hillman David H. Rosen