Cross-Currents of Jungian Thought: An Annotated Bibliography
by Donald R. Dyer

Published by Shambhala Publications, 1991

With the kind permission of the author Donald R. Dyer and Shambhala Publications, we are pleased to offer Cross-Currents of Jungian Thought, an invaluable resource for the study of Jungian psychology which is now out of print. Published in 1991, this comprehensive bibliography, clearly a labor of love by the author, covers books published up to 1990.

A Work-in-Progress
Some adaptation of the original text has been necessary for publication on the Internet. Page numbers and references to page numbers, for example, have been eliminated. Also, in order to make Cross-Currents available without too much delay, we have eliminated references to reviews of books cited, many of which would not be readily available to readers.
The chapters which are already available for viewing have been linked. The remainder of the chapters we will continue to put on-line as time permits.

Selected Contents

Part One: Works Arranged by Subject

  1. The Life of C.G. Jung
  2. Collections of Jung's Writings
  3. Jung's Psychology
  4. The Psyche
  5. Psychological Types
  6. Human Development and Individuation
  7. Symbolic Life and Dreams
  8. Feminine and Masculine Psychology
  9. Religion and Jung's Psychology
  10. Creativity and Jung's Psychology
  11. Jungian Analysis

Part Two : Works Arranged by Author

Part Three : Works Arranged by Title