Cross Currents in Jungian Thought: An Annotated Bibliography

by Donald R. Dyer (Shambhala Publications, 1991)

PART TWO : Works Arranged by Author

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--(ed.) Reclaiming the Inner Child.1990p [Chapter 6]
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--The Experience of Introversion. 1975 [Chapter 4]
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-- Inscapes of the Child's World: Jungian Counseling in Schools and Clinics. 1988p [Chapter 11]
Amman, Ruth (studied with Dora Kalff; Kindhausen, Switzerland, Jn. analyst)
-- Healing and Transformation in Sandplay. 1990 + p [Chapter 11]
Analytical Psychology Ciub of New York.
--Catalog of the Kristine Mann Library. 1978 [Chapter 3]
Arg�elles, Jos� A. (1939-; Ph.D.; artist & art hist. prof.) (co-author)
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Arg�elles, Miriam (1943-; M.A.; artist & art historian) (co-author)
--Mandala. 1972 +p; 1985p [Chapter 7]
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Arraj, James (writer near Crater Lake, Ore.) (co-author)
--A Jungian Psychology Resource Guide. 1987p[Chapter 3]
--(co-author) A Practical Guide to C. G. Jung's Psychological Types, Sheldon's Body and Temperament Types, and Their Integration. 1988p[Chapter 5]
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--(co-author) A Tool for Understanding Human Differences. 1985p [Chapter 5]
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Atwood, George E. (Ph.D.)(co-author)
--Faces in a Cloud: Subjectivity in Personality Theory. 1979 [Chapter 5]
Avens, Roberts (1923-; Ph.D.; lona C. philos. prof.)
-- Imaginal Body: Para-jungian Reflections on Soul, Imagination, and Deatb.1982 +p [Chapter 9]
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--Imagination Is Reality. 1980p (rev. of Imagination: A Way toward Western Nirvana) [Chapter 9]
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-- C. G. Jung's Psychology of Religion and Synchronicity. 1990 + p [Chapter 9]

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--Jung, Hesse, Harold. 1983 [Chapter 9]
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Berne, Patricia H. (Ph.D., Washington, D.C., psychologist)
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Birkh�user, Peter (1911-72; Basel artist; analysand of von Franz)
--Light from the Darkness: Paintings. 1980 [Chapter 10]
Birkh�user-Oeri, Sibylle (d. 1971; Jn. analyst; wife of Peter Birkh�user)
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Bly, Robert (1926-; M.A.; poet)
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Bolander, Karen (Ph.D.)
--Assessing Personality through Tree Drawings. 1977 [Chapter 10]
Bolen, jean Shinoda (M.D.; San Francisco Jn. analyst; UCSF psy. prof.)
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Borenzweig, Herman (l 930-; U. Sn. Cal. social work prof.)
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Bosnak, Robert U.D.; Zurich J. Inst. dipl.; Cambridge, Mass., Jn. analyst)
-- Dreaming with an AIDS Patient. 1989 [Chapter 12]
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Breaux, Charles.
--Journey into Consciousness: Chakras, Tantra, and Jungian Psychology. 1989p [Chapter 6]
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Carroll, L. Patrick (1936-; Tacoma Jesuit priest)(co-author)
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Champernowne, Irene (1901-76; Ph.D.; Jn. training; Exeter Center founder)
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