Cross Currents in Jungian Thought: An Annotated Bibliography

by Donald R. Dyer (Shambhala Publications, 1991)

PART THREE : Works Arranged by Title

More than 780 titles comprise this part of the bibliography. Also included are nearly 400 subtitles, in view of the fact that some searchers may know the subtitle but not the title of a book. Moreover, many authors select a provocative or a symbolic title and then attach a subtitle that reveals more specifically the nature and content of the book.

Key words, other than the first word of the title or subtitle, are included to help the reader search for precise topics. Thus, Part Three serves as an index as well as a listing of titles. The inclusion of key words allows the searcher to locate a book when maybe only one word is known and provides an opportunity to encounter books dealing with particular topics. For example, the topic of "the unconscious" appears only once as the first word of a title but thirteen times as a secondary word. "Analytical psychology" appears four times as the first word and eighteen times secondarily.

Complete titles (in most instances with a subtitle) are italicized and accompanied by the author's name.... Bibliographic information (publisher, date, etc.) for a book may be found in Part One where books are listed by subject. ; also, the "By Author" listing will direct you to the chapter in Part One where the book is described.

[Note: The books listed in this section are adapted for on-line use from the original text.

Locate the author of the book in Part Two: Works Arranged by Author. The citation in this Author's index will include the Chapter to which you should go for more bibliographic details about the book.

A B C of Jung's Psychology, by Joan Corrie
Abandonment, edited by Nathan Schwartz-Salant & Murray Stein
About Men and Women, by Tad W. Guzie & Noreen MooreGuzie
Abstracts in Analytical Psychology, International (see International Abstracts)
Abstracts of the Collected Works of C. G. Jung, edited by Carrie Lee Rothgeb
Abuse, Emotional Child (see Emotional Child Abuse)
Acrobats of the Gods: Dance and Transformation, by Joan Dexter Blackmer
Active Imagination, A Study of (see The Old Wise Woman)
Active Imagination, Alchemical (see Alchemical Active Imagination)
Active Imagination, The Theory and Method of Jung's (see The Knight)
Active Imagination as Developed by C. G. Jung (see Encounters with the Soul)
Active Imagination for Personal Growth, Dreams and (see Inner Work)
Addiction, Creativity and the Veil of (see Witness to the Fire)
Addiction and Initiation (see Drugs, Addiction, and Initiation)
Addiction to Perfection: The Still Unravished Bride, by Marion Woodman
The Adult Development of C. G. Jung, by John-Raphael Staude
Aesthetic Philosophy, Essays Towards an (see The Forms of Tbings Unknown)
Aesthetics, Outline of a Jungian (see Outline of a Jungian Aestbetics)
After the End of Time, by Robin Robertson
Aging as a Spiritual Journey, by Eugene C. Bianchi
AIDS Patient, Dreaming with an (see Dreaming with an AIDS Patient)
Aion: Researches into the Phenomenology of the Self, by C. G. Jung
Alcbemical Active Imagination, by Marie-Louise von Franz
Alchemical Studies, by C. G. Jung
Alchemical Symbolism in Psychotherapy (see Anatomy of the Psyche)
Alcbemy, by Marie-Louise von Franz
Alchemy (see Papers Toward a Radical Metaphysics)
Alcbemy: The Philosopher's Stone, by Allison Coudert
Alchemy, Separation and Synthesis of Psychic Opposites in (see Mysterium
Alchemy, Origins and Structure of (see The Forge and the Crucible)
Alchemy, Psychology and (see Psychology and Alcbemy)
Alchemy, The Secret at the Heart of The Tempest (see Prospero's Island)
Alchemy, Theatre and (see Theatre and Alchemy)
Alcbemy in a Modern Woman: A Study of the Contrasexual Arcbetype, by Robert Grinnell
The Alchemy of Discourse: An Archetypal Approach to Language, by Paul Kugler
Alcoholism and Women: The Background and the Psychology, by Jan Bauer
American Romantic Psychology: Emerson, Poe, Whitman, Dickinson, Melville, by Martin Bickman
Amor and Psyche: The Psychic Development of the Feminine, by Erich Neumann
Amorality, Reflections on Psychology and (see Eros on Crutches)
Analysis (see The Analytic Process)
Analysis, Applied Dream (see Applied Dream Analysis)
Analysis, Borderline Personality in (see The Borderline Personality in Analysis)
Analysis, Critical Dictionary of Jungian (see A Critical Dictionary of Jungian Analysis)
Analysis, Dream (see Dream Analysis)
Analysis, Dreams in (see Dreams in Analysis)
Analysis, Jungian (see Jungian Analysis)
Analysis, Myth of (see The Myth of Analysis)
Analysis, Repair, and Individuation, by Kenneth Lambert
Analysis, Success and Failure in (see Success and Failure in Analysis)
Analysis and Individuation (see The Jungian Experience)
Analyst, Aspects of Being a Jungian (see The Analytic Life)
Analyst, Forty Years of Practice as a Jungian (see St. George and the Dandelion)
Analyst, Personal and Professional Aspects of Being a Jungian (see The Analytic Life)
Analyst's Inner Journey, An (see Dreams of a Woman)
The Analytic Encounter: Transference and Human Relationship, by Mario Jacoby
The Analytic Life: Personal and Professional Aspects of Being a Jungian Analyst, New England Society of Jungian Analysts
The Analytic Process: Aims, Analysis, Training, edited by Joseph Wheelwright
Analytical Psychology, Basic Concepts of (see The Symbolic Quest)
Analytical Psychology, C. G. Jung and (see C. G. Jung and Analytical Psychology: A Comprehensive Bibliography)
Analytical Psychology, Collected Papers on (see Collected Papers on Analytical Psychology)
Analytical Psychology, Contributions to (see Contributions to Analytical Psychology)
Analytical Psychology, Current Trends in (see Current Trends in Analytical Psychology)
Analytical Psychology, International Abstracts in (see International Abstracts in ... )
Analytical Psychology, Introduction to (see The Organism of the Mind)
Analytical Psychology: An Introduction to the Psychology of C. G. Jung, by David Cox
Analytical Psycbology: Its Theory and Practice, by C. G. Jung
Analytical Psychology, Methods of Treatment in (see Methods of Treatment in Analytical Psychology)
Analytical Psychology: A Modern Science, edited by Michael Fordham et al.
Analytical Psychology, New Developments in (see New Developments in Analytic Psychology
Analytical Psychology: Notes of the Seminar Given in 1925 by C. G. Jung, edited by William McGuire
Analytical Psychology, Selected Papers in (see Shadow and Self
Analytical Psychology, Simple Account of (see How the Mind Works)
Analytical Psychology, Teach Yourself (see How the Mind Works)
Analytical Psychology, Two Essays on (seeTwo Essays on Analytical Psychology)
Analytical Psychology and Religion, Jung's (see Jung's Analytical Psychology and Religion)
Analytical Psychology and the Feminine (see The Woman in the Mirror)
Analytical Relationship (see Personal and Archetypal Dynamics in the Analytical Relationship)
Anatomy of a Personified Notion (see Anima)
Anatomy of the Psyche: Alchemical Symbolism in Psychotherapy, by Edward F. Edinger
Ancient Incubation and Modern Psychotherapy (see Healing Dreams and Ritual)
Androgyny. The Opposites Witbin, by June Singer
Androgyny and Chinese Thought (see Spirit of the Valley)
Anima: An Anatomy of a Personified Notion, by James Hillman
Anima, Animus and (see Animus and Anima)
Anima as Fate, by Cornelia Brunner
Animus, The (see For Women Growing Older)
Animus and Anima, by Emma Jung
Anorexia Nervosa, A Psychology of (see Starving Women)
Anorexia Nervosa (see The Owl Was a Baker's Daughter)
Answer to Job, by C. G. Jung
Anthology on the Religious Way (see The Choice Is Always Ours)
Antony and Cleopatra, Shakespeare's (see Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra)
Anxiety, Cultural (see Cultural Anxiety)
Apart, Coming Together/Coming (see Coming TogetberlComing Apart)
Aphrodite, Hestia, Artemis (see Pagan Meditations)
Apparitions: An Archetypal Approach to Death Dreams and Ghosts, by Aniela Jaff�
Applications of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator in Counseling (see Casebook)
Applied Dream Analysis: A Jungian Approach, by Mary Ann Mattoon
Archetypal Approach to, Death Dreams and Ghosts, An (see Apparitions)
Archetypal Approach to Language (see The Alchemy of Discourse)
Archetypal Background to Feminine Psychology (see Fathers and Mothers)
The Archetypal Cat, by Patricia Dale-Green
Archetypal Consultation, by Eduardo Duran
Archetypal Dynamics in the Analytical Relationship (see Personal and Archetypal Dynamics in ... )
Archetypal Feminine, Reflections on the (see The Moon and the Virgin)
Archetypal Image of Father, Husband, and Wife (see Zeus and Hera)
Archetypal Image of Human Existence (see Prometbeus)
Archetypal Image of Indestructible Life (see Dionysos)
Archetypal Image of Mother and Daughter (see Eleusis)
Archetypal Image of the Physician's Existence (see Asklepios)
Archetypal Images in Christian Theology, Meditations on (see Christs)
Archetypal Journey, An (see Jung and Tarot)
Arcbetypal Medicine, by Alfred J. Ziegler
Archetypal Patterns in Women's Fiction, by Annis Pratt et al.
Archetypal Process: Self and Divine in Whitehead, Jung, and Hillman, edited by David Ray Griffin
Archetypal Processes in Psychotberapy, edited by Nathan Schwartz-Salant & Murray Stein
Arcbetypal Psychology: A Brief Account, by James Hillman
Archetypal Psychology, Primary Papers in (see Loose Ends)
Archetypal Psychology, Three Essays on (see The Mytb of Analysis)
Archetypal Theory, Feminist (see Feminist Archetypal Theory)
The Archetypal World of Henry Moore, by Erich Neumann
The Archetype, edited by Adolf Guggenb�hl-Craig
Archetype: A Natural History of the Self, by Anthony Stevens
Archetype, Architecture, and the Writer, by Bettina L. Knapp
Archetype, Christian (see The Christian Archetype)
Archetype, Contrasexual (see Alchemy in a Modern Woman)
Archetype, Dance, and the Writer, by Bettina L. Knapp
Archetype, Ego and (see Ego and Archetype)
Archetype and the Writer, Music, (see Music, Archetype, and the Writer)
Archetype in the Psychology of C. G. Jung (see Complex/Arcbetype/Symbol)
Archetype of Perception, A Study of the (see Jung and Rorschach)
The Archetype of Shadow in a Split World, edited by Mary Ann Mattoon
The Archetype of the Unconscious and the Transfiguration of Therapy, by Charles Ponc�
Archetypes: A Natural History of the Self, by Anthony Stevens
Archetypes, Four (see Four Archetypes: Mother, Rebirth, Spirit, Trickster)
Archetypes and Mid-Life Spirituality, Jungian (see Celebrate Mid-Life)
The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious, by C. G. Jung
Archetypes of Human Sexuality, Two (see The Witch and the Clown)
Archetypes of Middle-Earth (see The Individuated Hobbit)
Archetypes of Romantic Love (see Divine Madness)
Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious (see Tales for Jung Folk)
Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious (see C. G. Jung and Arcbetypes of the ... )
Archetypes of the Zodiac, by Kathleeen Burt
Archetypes We Live By, Six (see The Hero Within)
Architecture and the Writer, Archetype, (see Archetype, Architecture, and the Writer)
Art, Healing through (see The Secret World of Drawings)
Art and Literature, The Spirit in Man, (see The Spirit in Man, Art, and Literature)
Art and the Creative Unconscious, by Erich Neumann
Art as Therapy (see Inward Journey)
Art Forms and Dreams, Essays on the Process of Individuation, (see Emergence)
The Art of Psychotherapy, by Anthony Storr
Asklepios: Archetypal Image of the Physician's Existence, by C. Ker�nyi
Aspects of the Feminine, by C. G. Jung
Aspects of the Masculine, by C. G. Jung
Assessing Personality through Tree Drawings, by Karen Bolander
Assimilation of Chaos, Blake and the (see Blake and the Assimilation of Chaos)
Astrological Guide to Living with Others on a Small Planet (see Relating)
Astrological Psychology, Marsilio Ficino's (see The Planets Within)
Astrological Signs (see Jungian Synchronicity in Astrological Signs and Ages)
Astrological Symbolism and the Human Psyche (see Astro -Psycho logy)
Astrologer Looks at Depth Psychology (see Astrology and the Modern Psyche)
Astrology, C. G. Jung, and the Gospels (see The Footprints of God)
Astrology, Psychology, and the Four Elements, by Stephen Arroyo
Astrology and the Modern Psyche: An Astrologer Looks at Depth Psychology, by Dane Rudhyar
The Astrology of Fate, by Liz Greene
Astrology of the Collective (see The Outer Planets and Their Cycles)
Astro-Psychology: Astrological Symbolism and the Human Psyche, by Karen Hamaker-Zontag
Athene: Virgin and Mother, by C. Ker�nyi
Aurora Consurgens, edited by Marie-Louise von Franz
Authority, Female (see Female Authority)
Autism, The Self and (see The Self and Autism)
Autobiography, A Theory of (see Metaphors of Self)
Awakening, Key to, (see Coma)
Awareness in Psychotherapy, Expanding (see Dreams and the Growth of Personality)

The Basic Writings of C. G. Jung, edited by Violet Staub de Laszlo
Becoming Woman: The Quest for Wholeness in Female Experience, by Penelope Washburn
Behold Woman: A Jungian Approach to Feminist Theology, by Carrin Dunne
Being a Woman: Fulfilling Your Femininity and Finding Love, by Toni Grant
Betrayal of the Soul in Psychotherapy, The (see Incest and Human Love)
Betwixt and Between: Patterns of Masculine and Feminine Initiation, by Louise Carus Mahdi et al.)
Beyond the Brain: Birth, Death, and Transcendence in Psychotherapy, by Stanislav Grof
Bible, Jung and the (see Jung and the Bible)
Bible, Psyche and the (see Psyche and the Bible)
Bible, Unholy (see The Unholy Bible)
Bible and Literature, Myth and Symbol in the (see The Inner Story)
Bible and the Creative Process in the Psyche (see Springs of Creativity)
The Bible and the Psyche: Individuation Symbolism in the Old Testament, by Edward F. Edinger
Bible-Believer, The Mind of (see The Mind of the Bible-Believer)
Biblical Myths, The Structure of (see The Structure of Biblical Myths)
Bibliography, A Comprehensive (see C. G. Jung and Analytical Psychology)
Bibliography of C, G. Jung's Writings (see General Bibliography of C. G. Jung's Writings)
Birth, Death, and Transcendence in Psychotherapy (see Beyond the Brain)
Birth Charts, Jungian (see Jungian Birth Charts)
Black Chrysanthemum, The Secret of the (see The Secret of the Black Chrysanthemum)
The Black Madonna, by Fred R. Gustafson
Black Virgin, The Cult of the (see The Cult of the Black Virgin)
Blake: A Psychological Study, by William P. Witcutt
Blake, Jung, and the Collective Unconscious (see The Unholy Bible)
Blake and the Assimilation of Chaos, by Christine Gallant
Blake and the Book of job (see The Human Face of God)
Blake Anticipates Freud, Jung, and Rank (see Mental Forms Creating)
Blake's Illustrations of the Book of job, Jungian Commentary on (see Encounter witb the Self
A Blue Fire: Selected Writings by James Hillman, edited by Thomas Moore
Body, Echo's Subtle (see Echo's Subtle Body)
Body, Imaginal (see Imaginal Body)
Body, Soul and (see Soul and Body)
Body, Working with the Dreaming (see Working with the Dreaming Body)
The Body in Analysis, edited by Nathan Schwartz-Salant & Murry Stein
Body Metaphors: Releasing God-Feminine in Us All, by Genia Pauli Haddon
Body Therapy and Depth Psychology (see Touching)
Body's Role in Revealing the Self (see Dreambody)
The Book of Lilith, by Barbara Black Koltuv
The Book of the Self- Person, Pretext, and Process, edited by Polly Young-Eisendrath & James A. Hall
Border Crossings: Carlos Castaneda's Path to Knowledge, by Donald Lee Williams
The Borderline Personality: Vision and Healing, by Nathan Schwartz-Salant
The Borderline Personality in Analysis, edited by Nathan Schwartz-Salant & Murray Stein
Boundaries of the Soul: The Practice of Jung's Psychology, by June Singer
Brain, Beyond the (see Beyond the Brain)
Bride, the Still Unravished (see Addiction to Perfection)
Bridegroom, The Ravished (see The Ravished Bridegroom)
Buddhism, An Introduction to Zen (see An Introduction to Zen Buddhism)
Buddhism, Jung's Psychology and Tibetan (see Jung's Psychology and Tibetan Buddhism)
Buddhism and Jungian Psychology, by J. Marvin Spiegelman & Mokusen Miyuki
Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, An Interpretation of (see Journey into Self)
By Way of Pain: A Passage into Self, by Sukie Colegrave

C. G. Jung, by E. A. Bennet
C. G. Jung, by Anthony Storr
C. G. Jung (see Men Against Time)
C. G. Jung, Adult Development of (see The Adult Development of C. G. Jung)
C. G. Jung, Basic Writings of (see The Basic Writings of C. G. Jung)
C. G. Jung, Dialogue with (see Dialogue with C. G. Jung)
C. G. Jung, Emma Jung, and Toni Wolff. A Collection of Remembrances, edited by Ferne Jensen
C. G. Jung, Essays on the Theories of (see Soul and Body)
C. G. Jung, From the Life and Work of (see From the Life and Work of C. G. Jung)
C. G. Jung: His Myth in Our Time, by Marie-Louise von Franz
C. G. Jung: Letters, edited by Gerhard Adler & Aniela Jaff�
C. G. Jung: Psychological Reflections, edited by Jolande Jacobi
C. G. Jung, Psychology of (see The Psychology of C. G. Jung)
C. G. Jung, Psychotherapy of (see The Psychotherapy of C. G. Jung)
C. G. Jung, Selected Letters of (see Selected Letters of C. G. Jung)
C. G. Jung: The Fundamentals of Theory and Practice, by Elie G. Humbert
C. G. Jung: The Haunted Prophet, by Paul J. Stern
C. G. Jung: The Visions Seminars
C. G. Jung: Word and Image, edited by Aniela Jaff�
C. G. Jung, World of (see The Wisdom of the Dream)
C. G. Jung and Analytical Psychology: A Comprehensive Bibliography, by Joseph F. Vincie & Margareta Rathbauer-Vincie
C. G. Jung and Hermann Hesse: A Record of Two Friendships, by Miguel Serrano
C. G. Jung and the Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious, by Robin Robertson
C. G. Jung and the Gospels, Relationship of Astrology to, (see The Footprints of God)
C. G. Jung and the Humanities: Toward a Hermeneutics of Culture, edited by Barnaby & D'Acierno
C. G. Jung and the Scientific Attitude, by Edmund D. Cohen
C. G. Jung Speaking: Interviews and Encounters, edited by William McGuire
C. G. Jung's Psychology of Religion and Synchronicity, by Robert Aziz
Caring: How Can We Love One Another?, by Morton T. Kelsey
Carl Jung and Christian Spirituality, edited by Robert L. Moore
Carl Jung and Soul Psychology, edited by E. Mark Stern
Carl Jung and Teresa of �vila (see Spiritual Pilgrims)
Carlos Castaneda's Path to Knowledge (see Border Crossings)
A Casebook: Applications of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator in Counseling, by Judith A. Provost
The Cassandra Complex: Living witb Disbelief, by Laurie Layton Schapira
Cat, Cult of the (see The Archetypal Cat)
Cat, The Archetypal (see The Archetypal Cat)
Catalog of the Kristine Mann Library of the Analytical Psychology Club of New York, Inc.
Catbolic Thought and Modern Psychology, by William P. Witcutt
Catholicism and Jungian Psychology, edited by J. Marvin Spiegelman
Celebrate Mid-Life: Jungian Archetypes and Mid-Life Spirituality, by Janice Brewi & Anne Brennan
Centre, The Unsounded (see The Unsounded Centre)
Chakras, Tantra, and Jungian Psychology (see Journey into Consciousness)
The Change of Life: A Psychological Study of Dreams and the Menopause, by Ann Mankowitz
Changing of the Gods: Feminism and the End of Traditional Religions, by Naomi R. Goldenberg
Changing Woman and Her Sisters: Feminine Aspects of Selves and Deities, by Sheila Moon
Chaos, Blake and the Assimilation of (see Blake & the Assimilation of Chaos)
Chaos or Creation: Spirituality in Mid-Life, by L. Patrick Carroll & Katherine M. Dyckman
Character and Temperament Types (see Please Understand Me)
Character and the Unconscious: A Critical Exposition of the Psychology of Freud and Jung, by Johannes Hermanus van der Hoop
Character Disorders, Psychology of Narcissistic (see Narcissism and Character Transformation)
Character Transformation, Narcissism and (see Narcissism and Character Transformation)
Child, Inner (see Reclaiming the Inner Cbild)
Child, Nervous (see The Problem of the Nervous Child)
Child, Radiant (see The Radiant Child)
The Child: Structure and Dynamics of the Nascent Personality, by Erich Neumann
Child Abuse, Emotional (see Emotional Child Abuse)
Child Psychotherapy, Jungian (see Jungian Child Psychotherapy)
Childbearing Loss, A Psychological Study of (see Mourning Unlived Lives)
Childhood, Individuation in (see Jungian Child Psychotherapy)
Childhood, Inner World of (see The Inner World of Childhood)
Childhood, Life of (see The Life of Childhood)
Childhood, Psychological Study of the Adult Struggle with the Paradise of (see Puer Aeternus)
Childhood, Self in Early (see The Self in Early Childhood)
Children, Hands of (see The Hands of Children)
Children, Hermes and His (see Hermes and His Children)
Children, Normal and Abnormal Love of (see The Forbidden Love)
Children as Individuals, by Michael Fordham
Child's World, Inscapes of (see Inscapes of the Child's World)
Choice, Inner World of (see The Inner World of Choice)
The Choice Is Always Ours: An Anthology on the Religious Way, edited by Dorothy B. Phillips et al.
The Choicemaker, by Elizabeth Boyden Howes & Sheila Moon
Christ, A Jungian Commentary on the Life of (see The Christian Archetype)
Christ, Woman (see WomanChrist)
Christian Approach to Dreamwork (see Dreams and Spiritual Growth)
The Christian Archetype: A Jungian Commentary on the Life of Christ, by Edward F. Edinger
Christian Belief, A Theopoetics of (see Hells and Holy Ghosts)
Christian Message, Healing Power of the (see Christianity as Psychology)
Christian Mysticism in the Light of Jungian Psychology (see St. John of the Cross)
Christian Spirituality, Carl Jung and (see Carl Jung and Christian Spirituality)
Christian Spirituality, Jungian Perspective (see Growth through Meditation and Journal Writing)
Christian Theology, Feminine in (see The Feminine in Jungian Psychology and in Christian Theology)
Christian Theology, Meditations on Archetypal Images in (see Christs)
Christian Way, Jung and the (see Jung and the Christian Way)
Christianity, Jung and (see Jung and Christianity)
Christianity, Jungian Critique of (see The Illness That We Are)
Christianity, Jung's Treatment of (see Jung's Treatment of Christianity)
Christianity as Psychology: The Healing Power of the Christian Message, by Morton T. Kelsey
Christo-Psychology, by Morton T. Kelsey
Christs: Meditations on Archetypal Images in Christian Theology, by David L. Miller
Cinderella and Her Sisters: The Envied and the Envying, by Ann Ulanov & Barry Ulanov
Circle of Care: Clinical Issues in Jungian Therapy, by Warren Steinberg
Civilization in Transition, by C. G. Jung
Clinic, Psyche in Language and (see Words as Eggs)
Clinical Approaches (see Differing Uses of Symbolic and Clinical Approaches in Practice and Theory)
Clinical Uses of Dreams: Jungian Interpretation and Enactments, by James Hall
Clown (see The Witch and the Clown)
Clowns and Jesters and Their Audiences (see The Fool and His Scepter)
Collected Papers on Analytical Psychology, edited by Constance E. Long
The Collected Works of C. G. Jung
Collected Works of C. G. Jung, Guided Tour (see A Guided Tour of the Collected Works ... )
Collective, Astrology of the (see The Outer Planets and Their Cycles)
Collective Unconscious, Archetypes and the (see The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious)
Collective Unconscious, Blake, Jung, and the (see The Unholy Bible)
Collective Unconscious, C. G. Jung and the Archetypes of (see C. G. Jung and the Archetypes of ... )
Coma: Key to Awakening, by Arnold Mindell
Coming TogetherIComing Apart: The Union of Opposites in Love Relationships, by John Desteian
The Compensatory Psycbe: A Jungian Approach to Shakespeare, by H. R. Coursen
Complex, Cassandra (see The Cassandra Complex)
ComplexlArcbetypelSymbol in the Psychology of C. G. Jung, by Jolande Jacobi
Conscience, edited by the Curatorium of the C. G. Jung Institute, Zurich
Consciousness, by C. A. Meier
Consciousness, Creation of (see The Creation of Consciousness)
Consciousness, Function of Love in the Development of (see Icon and Idea)
Consciousness, Myth and Today's (see Mytb and Today's Consciousness)
Consciousness, Origins and History of (see The Origins and History of Consciousness)
Consciousness, Study in the Development of (see The "I" and the "Not-I)
Consciousness in the New Testament (see From Jung to Jesus)
Contact with Jung: Essays on the Influence of His Work and Personality, edited by Michael Fordharn
Contemporary Events (see Essays on Contemporary Events)
Contrasexual Archetype, Study of the (see Alcbemy in a Modern Woman)
Contributions to Analytical Psychology, by C. G. Jung
Conversations with Carl Jung, by Richard I. Evans
Counseling, Applications of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (see Casebook)
Counseling in Schools and Clinics, jungian (see Inscapes of the Child's World)
Countertransference, Transference (see TransferencelCountertransference)
Couples, Jungian Psychotherapy with (see Hags and Heroes)
Creating, Dying and (see Dying and Creating)
Creation, Chaos or (see Chaos or Creation)
Creation, Pl ace of (see The Place of Creation)
Creation Continues., A Psychological Interpretation of the Gospel of Mattbew, by Fritz Kunkel
The Creation of Consciousness: Jung's Myth for Modern Man, by Edward Edinger
Creative Man, by Erich Neumann
Creative Process in the Psyche, The Bible and (see Springs of Creativity)
Creative Unconscious, Art and the (see Art and the Creative Unconscious)
Creativity, Springs of (see Springs of Creativity)
Creativity and the Veil of Addiction (see Witness to the Fire)
Creativity Mirrored in Creation Myths (see Patterns of Creativity Mirrored in Creation Myths)
Crime, Neurosis and (sce Neurosis and Crime)
A Critical Dictionary of Jungian Analysis, edited by Andrew Samuels et al.
Critique of Psychoanalysis, by C. G. Jung
Crosses (see Elements and Crosses as the Basis of a Horoscope)
Crossings, Border (sce Border Crossings)
Crossing the Bridge: A Jungian Approach to Adolescence, by Kaspar Kiepenheuer
Crutches, Eros on (sce Eros on Crutcbes)
The Cult of the Black Virgin, by Ean C. M. Begg
Cult of the Cat, by Patricia Dale-Green
Cultural Anxiety, by Rafael L�pez-Pedraza
Cultural Attitudes in Psychological Perspective, by Joseph L. Henderson
Culture, Toward a Hermeneutics of (see C. G. Jung and the Humanities)
Cure of Souls in Jung's Psychology (see Religion and the Cure of Souls in Jung's Psychology)
Current Trends in Analytical Psychology, edited by Gerhard Adler
Curse, The Family (sce Emotional Child Abuse)

Dance and the Writer (see Archetype, Dance, and the Writer)
Dance and Transformation (see Acrobats of the Gods)
Dante's Divine Comedy, Study of the Meaning (see Dark Wood to White Rose)
Dark Speech of the Spirit (see Dreams, by Kelsey)
The Dark Twin: A Study of Evil-and Good, by Ivor Moorish
Dark Wood to White Rose: A Study of the Meaning of Dante's Divine Comedy,
by Helen M. Luke
Darkness, Light from the (see Light from the Darkness)
The Darkness of God: Theology after Hiroshima, by Jim Garrison
Daughter, Archetypal Image of Mother and (see Eleusis)
Daughter, Owl Was a Baker's (see The Owl Was a Baker's Daughter)
Daughter Relationship, Healing the Father (see The Wounded Woman)
Daughter's Search for Her Mother, The Unhealed (see In Her Image)
Dear Gladys: The Survival Papers, Book 2, by Daryl Sharp
Death, Myths of (see The Wisdom of the Serpent)
Death, On Dreams and (see On Dreams and Death)
Death, Para-Jungian Reflections on (see Imaginal Body)
Death and Rebirth in Virgil's Arcadia, by M. Owen Lee
The Death and Rebirth of Psychology: Freud, Adler, Jung, and Rank, by Ira
Death and Transcendence in Psychotherapy (see Beyond the Brain)
Death Dreams and Ghosts, Archetypal Approach to (see Apparitions)
The Death of a Woman, by Jane Hollister Wheelwright
Death-Demons in Folklore, Myths, and Modern Dreams (see Psyche and Death)
Dementia Praecox, Psychology of (see The Psychology of Dementia Praecox)
Demons of the Inner World: Understanding Our Hidden Complexes, by Alfred Ribi
Depth, Experiment in (see Experiment in Depth)
Depth Psychology, An Astrologer Looks at (see Astrology and the Modern Psyche)
Depth Psychology and Modern Man, by Ira Progoff
Depth Psychology and a New Ethic, by Erich Neumann
Depth Psychology and Religious Belief, by Christopher Bryant
Depth Psychology of Carl Gustav Jung, A Study of the (see Individuation)
Descent to the Goddess: A Way of Initiation for Women, by Sylvia Brinton Perera
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Devil, A New Look at an Old (see Saturn)
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by Walter Lowen
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Dictionary of Jungian Analysis, Critical (see A Critical Dictionary of Jungian Analysis)
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Dictionary of Symbols, edited by Tom Chetwynd
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Dictionary of Symbols and Imagery, by Ad de Vries
The Differing Uses of Symbolic and Clinical Approaches to Practice and Theory, edited by Luigi Zoja & Robert Hinshaw
Dionysian Initiation, Women's (see Women's Dionysian Initiation)
Dionysos: Archetypal Image of Indestructible Life, by C. Ker�nyi
Directions, Mid-life (see Mid-life Directions)
Disbelief, Living with (see The Cassandra Complex)
Discourse, Alchemy of (see The Alchemy of Discourse)
Discovering God Within, by John R. Yungblut
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Divine, Feminine Dimensions of the (see The Feminine Dimensions of the Divine)
Divine Comedy, Study of Meaning of Dante's (see Dark Wood to White Rose)
Divine Madness: Archetypes of Romantic Love, by John R. Haule
Doctrine, Jung's Hermeneutic of (see Jung's Hermeneutic of Doctrine)
Dog, Symbol of the (see The Symbol of the Dog in the Human Psyche)
The Dove in the Stone: Finding the Sacred in the Commonplace, by Alice 0. Howell
Drawings, Tree (see Assessing Personality through Tree Drawings)
The Dream: Four Tbousand Years of Theory and Practice, by Nancy Parsifal Charles
Dream, Healing (see Healing Dream and Ritual)
The Dream: The Vision of the Night, by Max Zeller

Dream, Way of the (see The Way of the Dream)
Dream, Wisdom of the (see The Wisdom of the Dream)
Dream Analysis, Applied (see Applied Dream Analysis)
Dream Analysis: Notes of a Seminar Given in 1928-1930 by C. G. Jung
Dream and Image, by Bettina L. Knapp
The Dream and the Underworld, by James Hillman
Dream Interpretation, Jungian (see Jungian Dream Interpretation)
Dream Life, Wake Life: The Human Condition through Dreams, by Gordon Globus
The Dream of Poliphilo, by Linda Fierz-David
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The Dream Story, by Donald R. Broadribb
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The Dreambody in Relationships, by Arnold Mindell
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Dreaming with an AIDS Patient, by Robert Bosnak
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Dreams, Death (see Apparitions)
Dreams, Death-Demons in (see Psyche and Death)
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Dreams, Hero journey in (see The Hero Journey in Dreams)
Dreams, Human Condition through (see Dream Life, Wake Life)
Dreams, Interpretation of (see The Undiscovered Self with "Symbols and the Interpretation of Dreams")
Dreams, Meaning and Significance of (see The Meaning and Significance of Dreams)
Dreams, Meaning in (see The Meaning in Dreams and Dreaming)
Dreams, Men's (see Men's Dreams, Men's Healing)
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Dreams, Waking (see Waking Dreams)
Dreams, Women's (see Wisdom of the Heart)
Dreams and Active Imagination for Personal Growth, Using (see Inner Work)
Dreams and Death, On (see On Dreams and Death)
Dreams and Dreaming, Meaning in (see The Meaning in Dreams and Dreaming)
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Drugs, Addiction, and Initiation: The Modern Search for Ritual, by Luigi Zoja
Dying and Creating: A Search for Meaning, by Rosemary Gordon
Dynamics in the Analytical Relationship (see Personal and Archetypal Dynamics in ... )
Dynamics of the Nascent Personality, Structure and (see The Child)
Dynamics of the Self, by Gerhard Adler
Dynamics of the Unconscious, by Liz Greene & Howard Sasportas


Earth and Spirit (see Woman, Earth, and Spirit)
Earth FatherlSky Father: The Changing Concept of Fathering, by Arthur Colman & Libby Colman
East, Psychology and the (see Psycbology and the East)
Eastern Temples, Storming (see Storming Eastern Temples)
Eastern Thought, Jung and (see Jung and Eastern Thougbt)
Echo's Subtle Body: Contributions to an Arcbetypal Psycbology, by Patricia Berry
Ecstasy: Understanding the Psychology of Joy, by Robert A. Johnson
Eden to Eros (see From Eden to Eros)
Education, Psychology and (see Psycbology and Education)
Eggs, Words as (see Words as Eggs)
Ego and Arcbetype: Individuation and the Religious Function of the Psyche, by Edward F. Edinger
The Ego King: An Archetypal Approach to Elizabethan Political Tbougbt and Sbakespeare's Henry VI Plays, by James T. Henke
Elements (see Astrology, Psycbology, and the Four Elements)
Elements and Crosses as the Basis of a Horoscope, by Karen Hamaker-Zontag
Eleusis: Arcbetypal Image of Motber and Daughter, by C. Ker�nyi
Eliot's Poetty (see Jungian Psychology in Literary Analysis)
Emergence: Essays on the Process of Individuation tbrough Sand Tray Therapy, Art Forms, and Dreams, by Jeannette Pruyn Reed
Emergence Myth, A Poetic and Psychological Study of the Navaho (see A Magic Dwells)
Emotion: A Comprebensive Phenomenology of Theories and Their Meaning for Therapy, by James Hillman
Emotional Child Abuse: The Family Curse, by Joel D. Covitz
Empowering Women through Psychotherapy (see Female Authority)
Enactments, Jungian Interpretation and (see Clinical Uses of Dreams)
Encounter, Analytic (see Analytic Encounter)
Encounter witb Jung, by Eugene Rolfe
Encounter witb the Self. A Jungian Commentary on William Blake's Illustrations of the Book of Job, by Edward F. Edinger
Encounters, Interviews and (see C. G. Jung Speaking)
Encounters with the Soul: Active Imagination as Developed by C. G. Jung, by Barbara Hannah
The End of God: Important Directions for a Feminist Critique of Religion in the Works of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung,
by Naomi R. Goldenberg
Energies of Love: Sexuality Re-Visioned, by June Singer
Energy, Psychic (see Psychic Energy)
Envied and the Envying, The (see Cinderella and Her Sisters)
Epic, Gilgamesh (see The Gilgamesh Epic)
Eros, From Eden to (see From Eden to Eros)
Eros and Pathos: Shades of Love and Suffering, by Aldo Carotenuto
Eros on Crutcbes: Reflections on Psychology and Amorality, by Adolf Guggenb�hl-Craig
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Ethic, Depth Psychology and a New (see Depth Psychology and a New Ethic)
Eve (see Lilith-The First Eve)
Evil, edited by the Curatorium of the C. G. Jung Institute, Zurich
Evil-and Good, Study of (see The Dark Twin)
Evil, Jung and the Problem of (see Jung and the Problem of Evil)
Evil, New Look at the Nature of (see The Strange Trial of Mr. Hyde)
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Evil in Fairy Tales (see Shadow and Evil in Fairy Tales)
Expanding Awareness in Psychotherapy (see Dreams and the Growtb of Personality)
The Experience of Introversion: An Integration of Phenomenological, Empirical, and Jungian Approaches,
by Kenneth Joel Shapiro & Irving Alexander
Experiment in Depth: A Study of the Work of Jung, Eliot, and Toynbee, by P. W. Martin
Experimental Researches, by C. G. Jung
Explorations into the Self, by Michael Fordham
Face of God, The Human (see The Human Face of God)