First Period 13:45 - 15:15

  • Donald Kalsched (IRSJA, NYAAP), “Defenses in Dreams: Clinical Reflections on the Multiplicity Necessary for Survival-in-Pieces”
  • Jeffrey Kiehl (IRSJA), "Sustaining Earth, Sustaining Soul"
  • Walter Boechat (AJB), “Nature or Nurture: Individuation within the Web of Relations in the Universe of Gaia”

    Volker Munch (DGAP), “Last but Not Least: the Colours of the World Return. Ideas on the Problematic One-sidedness of Globalization”
  • ***Francesca Avon (CIPA, AGAP), Paola Erbice (CIPA, AGAP), Nicoletta Lucatelli (AGAP), Caterina Vezzoli (CIPA, AGAP), “Heterosexual Female Analysts’ Counter-Transference with Lesbian Clients: Prejudices and Questions” ***Restricted Access: Therapists Only***
  • John Dourley (OAJA, AGAP), “Jung’s Equation of the Ground of Being with the Ground of Psyche”
  • Amanda Dowd (ANSZJA), “What Does it Mean to Be Here? Changing Place/Changing Mind/Changing Identity: An Exploration of the Relationship between “Thought”, “Being” and “Place”

    Stefania Baldassari (AIPA), "ETNA: Project of Analytical ETNopshcology: A Clinical Approach for Immigrants With Psychological Distress”
  • Batya Brosch Palmoni (IIJP), “Individuation by Means of Intimate Contact Rather than Separation: Dream Analysis in a Women's Group”

    Marian Dunlea (IM), “The Dance of Psyche and Soma: Diversity and Complentarity”
  • Avi Bauman (IIJP), “The Significance of the Son in the Destiny of the Father: New Ideas on Father-Son Relationships”

    Pia Skogemann (DSAP), “Female Agency and the Concept of the Daughter Archetype”
  • Susan Schwartz (NMSJA, AGAP), “The Dead Mother Effect on the Daughter”

    Patricia Vessey-McGrew (NESJA), “Dead Spaces, Empty Places: Our Clients’ Search for Life in the Analytic Field”
  • Lilian Sutton (IRSJA), “Ecstasy and the Creative Experience: Voyages to the Other World”

    Sam Naifeh (CGJISF), “Archetypal Process in Addiction and Recovery”

    David Schoen (IRSJA), “On The Archetypal Nature of Addiction and Recovery: Neutralizing Archetypal Shadow/ Evil Using the Principles of the 12 steps of Alcoholic Anonymous”
  • Joe Cambray (NESJA, JPA), Jan Wiener (SAP), “Meeting with All Members of Developing Groups: Discussion of General DG Matters”


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Closing Ceremony 15:45


Evening - Cocktail and Banquet 19:00