A Warm Welcome to the 18th International Congress of the IAAP.


It is a very great pleasure to send to you a hearty welcome and invitation to join us at the 18th international Congress of the IAAP in August 22 - 27, 2010, in Montreal, Canada. This is a truly global event, which occurs only once every three years, bringing together Jungian practitioners and theoreticians from the four corners of the world. The Congress is a precious opportunity for the IAAP community to come together, to meet, present, and exchange our clinical and theoretical perspectives and reflections, with colleagues from distant regions and different orientations. At the same time, it allows us to step outside of our usual professional ways of working and thinking, our identities and perspectives, and enables us, thereby, to think within a global setting about what it means to be a Jungian practitioner at this particular moment in history, as we move forward into the second decade of the 21st century.

The title of the Congress � FACING MUTIPLICITY -- PSYCHE NATURE CULTURE -- is a testament to the spirit of the discussions within the Program Committee, ably and sensitively chaired by Tom Kelly, that led to a sense of the possibility of openness, generativity, and vigour, like the great land mass and the varied ethnic history of the North American continent itself. The idea is to provide an expansive matrix in which the numerous and varied levels of our being in the world could be held, contained, and explored within a Jungian context. The many proposals received for papers, panels, workshops, posters and other activities, attest to how the Congress theme has caught the imagination of its future participants.

At the same time, the Organizing Committee, under the skillful leadership of Jan Bauer, has ensured that the venue in the beautiful and delightful city of Montreal will offer an attractive, comfortable, and hospitable environment in which these themes can be explored.

It is my great pleasure to extend this invitation to you to come to Montreal in August 2010, and to join the Jungian community at this exciting Congress, in the spirit of collegiality, discussion, exchange and discovery.

With my very good wishes


Hester McFarland Solomon
IAAP President

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