First Period 13:00 - 14:30

  • Beverley Zabriskie (JPA), Margaret Wilkinson (SAP), "Further Reflection and Discussion from Wednesday's Plenary Session"
  • Raffaele Toson (CIPA), Alessandra Vergani (ARPA), “Modern Rites of Passage” (Italian)
  • Robert Wimmer (DGAP), “When Systems Crash and Blocks Crumble: 20 years Later”
  • Brigit Soubrouillard (SFPA, AGAP), “Beneath and Beyond Words: The Expression of Archaic Somato-psychic States through Images and in the Outsiders Art”
  • Stefano Carta (AIPA), "Applying Jungian Psychology to Field Work with Refugees"
  • ***Brian Feldman (CGJISF, IRSJA), “Working with Infantile States of Mind in Jungian Analysis”***Restricted Access: Therapists Only***

    Caterina Vezzoli (CIPA, AGAP), Nadia Fina (CIPA), “Dissociation, Enactment, Counter- Transference” ***Restricted Access: Therapists Only***
  • Giorgio Cavallari (CIPA), “Emergent Psychic Process”

    Daniel Bordeleau (IRSJA), “Multiplicité douloureuse: la schizophrénie” (French)
  • Elena Pourtova (RSAP), Julia Kazakevich (PM), “Crossing the Borders: Soul and Migration”

    Heike Weiss (SGAP), “God Exists! This Story is True”
  • Luisa Zoppi (AIPA), “Feeling like Alice in Wonderland: Multiplicity in the Analyst's Experience”

    Kathryn Madden, Ph.D. “Diffusing the clash of Otherness in Projective and Complex Discharging Fields”
  • Joerg Rasche (DGAP), Denise Ramos (SBrPA), Training Models in the IAAP
  • ***Ann Casement (BAP, JPA), “Ritual Transformation in Multiple Cultures”

    Alvise Orlandini (CIPA), “The Transforming Power of Ritual”

    Ana Soni (IRSJA), “Exvotos Ritual: The Art of Bridging the Ego and the Numinous”

    Heyong Shen (IM), “The Ritual in Qiang People and Its Healing Function”

    ***Restricted Access: Therapists Only***


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Second Period 15:00 - 16:30

  • Ruth Ammann (SGAP, AGAP), Harriet Friedman (CGJILA), “Cultural Challenges in Jungian Sandplay Therapy”
  • Laurence J. Kirmayer, M.D. (Director of Social and Transcultural Psychiatry, McGill University), “Psychotherapy in a Globalizing World: Pluralism and the Cultural Configuration of the Person”
  • Ann Lammers, Ph.D, Tom Kirsch (CGJISF), “Professional Relationships in Dangerous Times: Jung and the International Society” (Panel)
  • Alessandra De Coro (AIPA), Carla De Gennaro (AIPA), “Infant Research and the Transference/Counter-Transference Process”

    Pablo Gelsi (SUPA), “Transference and Empathy” (Spanish)
  • Margaret Johnson-Gaddis (CGJSCSC), “Horse Sense, Sense of Horse and Multiplicity”
  • ***Ann Addison (SAP), “Psychoid Processes and Archetypal Images”
    ***Restricted Access: Therapists Only***

    ***Giles Clark (ANZSJA), “Herder's Cultural Pluralism, Virtue Ethics and Difficult Counter-transferential Matters” ***Restricted Access: Therapists Only***
  • Pilar Amezaga (SUPA), Mario Saiz (SUPA), “Depression and Personality: Research and Perspectives” (Spanish)

    Mark Winborn (IRSJA), "The Problem of Familiarity: A Contributor to the Transference/Countertransference Field"
  • Paula Terrile (CIPA), “Adoption: Regeneration Through Diversity” (Italian)
  • Liliana Liviano Wahba (SBrPA), “Street Art and Spirituality in a Pluricultural Ambience”
  • Sarah Gibson (ANZSJA), “Re-enchantment: An Interactive Documentary Exploring the Meanings of Fairy Tales for Adults” (Film)


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Third Period 17:00 - 18:30

  • Jean Shinoda Bolen (CGJISF), “Circle With a Spiritual Center: Archetype, Mandala, Morphic Field, and Component of Cultural Transformation” (Workshop)
  • Peter Ammann (AGAP, SGAP), Muriel McMahon (AGAP, IRSJA), Moderators
    Diane Longboat, Cindy White, Stephen Jenkinson, Lewis Mehl-Madrona, Richard Atleo, Jerome Bernstein (NMSJA, IRSJA)
    : “Healing in a Multicultural World: Jungian Analysts Encounter First Nation Healers” (Panel - Part Three)
  • Allan Guggenbühl (AGAP, SGAP), “Would C.G. Jung be Expelled in Jungian Societies Today? In Care of the Outrageous or the Danger of Over-Institutionalization and Political Correctness”
  • Antonio Vitolo (AIPA), “Too Many Individuals in the Room: Analytical Roots in Jungian Supervision” (Italian)

    Yvon Rivière (AGAP), “Wait, Watch, Wonder: Experiencing the Self in Sandplay Supervision”
  • Regina Biscaro (SBrPA), “Psychotherapy Training in Psychiatric Residents: An Analytical Psychology Perspective”

    Ines Marzi (AGAP), “The Power of the Symbol in the Therapeutic Rehabilitative Treatment of Mental Disorders”
  • ***Craig Stephenson (AGAP), “Personifying and Mirroring in the Work of Jung and Moreno” ***Restricted Access: Therapists Only***

    ***David Rosen (IRSJA), “Inner and Outer Peace: the Ultimate Transformation” ***Restricted Access: Therapists Only***
  • Marion Rauscher Gallbach (SBrPA), “Dreams and Pregnancy: Initiation into Feminine Creativity”

    Maria Cristina Barducci (AIPA), “Becoming Self Aware Through Passion: The Passion of Love as a Path of Female Individuation” (French)
  • Henry Abramovitch (IIJP), “Illness in the Analyst”

    Sheila Dickman Zarrow (CGJSCSC), “Dreams Before Dreams”
  • Anita Josefa Barzman (CGJISF), “Closer Than They Appear: Homeopathy, Analysis, and the Unus Mundus”

    Elvira Valente (CIPA), “The Sick Angel”
  • Richard Willetts (CGJISF), "An Informal Meeting of the Chairs of the Ethics Committees of Member Groups with the IAAP Ethics Committee to Discuss Common Issues and Concerns"
  • Kiev Developing Group: video presentation on activities of the Developing Group in Kiev
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