Prison on Wheels: From Ravernsbruck to Burgau
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Title:      Prison on Wheels: From Ravernsbruck to Burgau
Categories:      Daimon
BookID:      1009
Authors:      Eva Langley-Danos
ISBN-10(13):      3856305858
Publisher:      Daimon Verlag
Publication date:      2000-07-20
Edition:      First Edition
Number of pages:      0
Language:      English
Price:      19.00  USD
Rating:      5 
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Product Description
Prison on Wheels is a remarkable diary kept by a young Hungarian woman, Eva Dános, during sixteen horror-filled days and nights of deportation by the Nazis in 1945. It is an eyewitness report of a 700-kilometer rail journey from Ravensbrück, north of Berlin, to Burgau, near Munich, one of the countless such operations that took place within Nazi Germany’s vast network of labor- and concentration camps. What makes this account of particular interest is the fact that the author had been a member of a small, underground group in Budapest led by Gitta Mallasz (Talking with Angels), and her fellow-prisoners included some of these same comrades. Their humanity helped to sustain them.