Divine Madness: Archetypes of Romantic Love
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Title:      Divine Madness: Archetypes of Romantic Love
Categories:      Fisher King
BookID:      3013
Authors:      John R. Haule
ISBN-10(13):      1926715047
Publisher:      Fisher King Press
Publication date:      2010-04-15
Edition:      Revised
Number of pages:      0
Language:      English
Price:      22.95  USD
Rating:      2 
Picture:      cover
Description:      Product Description
Divine Madness: Archetypes of Romantic Love examines the transforming experience of romantic love in literature, myth, religion, and everyday life. A series of psychological meditations on the nature of romantic love and human relationship, this Fisher King Press publication takes the perspective that human love is a species of divine love and that our experience of romantic love both conceals and reveals the ultimate Lover and Beloved. John Haule draws on depth psychology, the mystical traditions of the world, and literature from Virgil to Milan Kundera to lead the reader inside the mind and heart of the lover.

Each chapter explores a characteristic aspect of relationship, such as seduction and love-play, the rapture of union, the agony of separation, madness, woundedness, and transcendence. Focusing on the soulful and spiritual meaning of these experiences, Divine Madness sheds light on our elations, obsessions, and broken hearts, but it also reconnects us with the wisdom of time immemorial. As a practicing Jungian analyst and former professor of religious studies, John Haule masterfully guides his readers through the labyrinth of everyday experience, and the often hidden layers of archetypal realities, sketching a philosophy of romantic love through the stories of the world's literature and mythology.


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