Evening : "There is a Crocodile in Me"

Cape Town 2007 - Monday Evening - 13 August 2007
There is a Crocodile in Me

There is a Crocodile in Me

Ian McCallum, M.D. 

Ian McCallumDr Ian McCallum is a psychiatrist, Jungian Analyst and author who has over the past ten years guided and lived in Botswana, Namibia, East Africa and South Africa. His special interest is in evolutionary biology and the study of the animal-human interface - survival strategies, social organisation and social behaviour. 

An award-winning wild-life photographer, he has recorded many beautiful images of his encounters with a wide variety of  wild animals including elephants, wild dogs, chimpanzees, gorillas, hyenas, lions and leopard. 

He links his knowledge of wildlife to the human psyche, to the archetypes and to what we learn about ourselves from the wild. His parallels between what animals do and how we humans behave are quite astounding. He has an inimitable way of conveying his work – his passion for this subject is inspiring!

He is a patron of the Wilderness Foundation, a trustee of the Cape Leopard Trust, a board member of the Wilderness Leadership School and a founder member of the Cape of Good Hope Centre for Jungian Studies.