Sexuality and the Religious Imagination

Sexuality and the Religious Imagination

by Bradley A. TePaske
ISBN: 978-1-882670-51-2; 1882670515
304 pp.
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Sexuality and the Religious ImaginationSurveying the history of Western conflicts between religious creed and the numinosity of body and sex, TePaske charts an course through Biblical Christianity, Catholic doctrine, medieval sexual heresies and Gnosticism. Myth and ritual practices of the Graeco-Roman and Tantric traditions are explored, as are Paul, Augustine, Magdalen, and the Hindu saint, Ramakrishna. The text brings clinical and archetypal perspective to a broad range of sexual phenomena, including sadomasochism, bisexuality, incest, and androgyny. Richly illustrated with sexual imagery from dreams, fantasies, and sacred traditions, the text draws on the work of Freud, Jung, Reich, Hillman, Eliade, Stanislav Grof, and others.

Praise for Sexuality and the Religious Imagination:

"What God had joined together and humankind's religious traditions have put asunder - body, soul, and spirit - Bradley TePaske would reassemble, now consciously and with a therapist's care. This is a finely wrought scholarly work, imbued with moral passion and practiced psychological insight. It bears an important vision for human individuation, present and future." - Murray Stein, Ph.D., author of The Principle of Individuation
"An extraordinary achievement by any standard, this amazing book is dazzling and seductive—as its subject should be. Passionate and intricate, detailed and breathtakingly expansive, be prepared to get happily lost in it, even though it is anchored in solid, painstaking research and reflective wisdom. TePaske writes in a sure style reminiscent of classical texts, well-spiced with contemporary idioms and images that catch the mind and bring sudden delight." - Lyn Cowan, Ph.D., author of Portrait of the Blue Lady

About the author:

BRADLEY A. TEPASKE, PH.D., is a Jungian analyst, archetypal psychologist, and accomplished graphic artist. Author of Rape and Ritual: A Psychological Study, and a scholar of Gnosticism and the Graeco-Roman mystery religions, he has explored the relationship between sexuality and religion for over 25 years. He is currently in private practice in Los Angeles and Pacific Palisades, CA.