Moving Fluidly and Building Bridges

Antonella Adorisio
Rome, Italy
Centro Italianodi Psicologia Analitica (Candidate)

As I reflect on the union of what we call psyche and soma, Jung’s Mysterium Coniunctionis comes to mind. Moving fluidly and building bridges between polarities has always played an important, if not essential role in my life and work.

In my experience, the practice of analysis keeps us in contact with the roots of existence, which may include in a natural way the sacred and the spiritual dimensions of life. When a client is invited not only to speak, but also to give free expression to images, and then senses the connection between images and bodily-felt sensations, then that individual gains access to a more integrative state of consciousness, perhaps more easily open to change. In order to get beyond the rigidity and splitting that so often characterize psychopathological symptoms, I find it is often helpful to be able to oscillate fluidly between polarities. As one’s point of view widens, we may see things from multiple standpoints toward developing a symbolic perspective.

In addition to studying various theories of complexity, my interests have led me to consider energetic phenomena, and in my personal life I practice not only active imagination through movement, but also tai chi chuan and chi kung. In searching for mythological amplifications of embodied experiences, my attention has been drawn to various archetypal images. These include the old imprisoned woman, also the witch and her persecutor. I am drawn also to the myth of Echo and Narcissus, especially in relation to the question of seeing and being seen. (Adorisio, forthcoming)

Movement as a form of active imagination (authentic movement) has much to do with seeing and being seen. To learn more about this, I have recently begun collaborating with vision teachers, exploring the connections between sight, vision disturbances and the relationship they have with seeing and being seen. In the natural treatment of sight disorders, the process of learning to see implies a modification of both one’s physical and mental attitude so as to reduce excessive muscular tension, reach a state of dynamic relaxation and re-activate the circulation of energy. Similar to authentic movement, many of the sight exercises are based on the oscillation between polarities. In my experience, this opens up a space for change. Energy can then flow freely while the invisible spirit creates unconscious connections.