Daimon Verlag : Einsiedeln 2003

Black Madonna : Einsiedeln, Switzerland

The February meeting of the IAAP Executive Committee was held for several years in Einsiedeln, usually with a welcome gathering at Daimon Verlag, the Jungian publishing house begun by Robert Hinshaw, a Zurich analyst and formerly an IAAP Vice-President.

Einsiedeln, a small town in the mountains of Schwyz, is about an hour by train from Zurich. It is the birthplace of Paracelsus on 11 November or 17 December 1493. Paracelsus, a Renaissance physician, botanist, alchemist, astrologer, and occultist was highly revered by Jung.

Einsiedeln is also the home a Benedictine Abbey and of the Black Madonna, a miracle-working statue of the Virgin Mary given to St. Meinrad by the Abbess Hildegarde of Zürich. In 940, a small group of Benedictine monks transformed Meinrad's little hermitage into the Lady Chapel. The Lady Chapel is a free-standing, square marble edifice and above the chapel's altar is the Black Madonna, "resplendent in rich robes and surrounded by gold clouds."

The photographs are of the Daimon office, a framed photograph of Aniela Jaffé, Bob Hinshaw, and the Benedictine Abbey seen from the Daimon office.

The photographs were taken in 2003 by Don Williams.

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