Introduction to articles commemorating the
50th anniversary of the death of C.G Jung

by Walter Boechat (Brazil)



The Jung family tombstone at the Reformierte Kirchgemeinde, Küsnacht. Untere Heslibachstrasse 2, 8700 Küsnacht.
© Don Williams, 24 February 2003

During this current year the Jungian community is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of C.G.Jung's Death. The Executive Committee of IAAP decided to participate in this important occasion creating a special area at the website dedicated to the event. Analysts from many countries and different cultures are being invited to write about Jung's legacy to the contemporary world.

We want to pay tribute to the memory of C.G. Jung. In different ways, Jung’s ideas had a definitive mark in our lives. His concepts about spirituality and the unconscious, his way of approaching the psychic phenomenon and human destiny were completely new and revolutionary. Our approach to our patients’ ailments and our perception of our own sufferings were never the same after Jung.

Walter Boechat, chair
Publications & Communications Sub-Committee
IAAP Communications Officer
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Close-up of C.G. Jung's name on the family tombstone.