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Improving IAAP website

posted in IAAP Website
Tuesday, January 22 2013, 12:22 AM
While we work on the website's appearance, make adjustments to various components, learn about what's possible, fix bugs, and repair weblinks, we will in the next few days also update Society information, prepare for the Congress, and announce upcoming conferences and other events. I will post some news here and link to Frontpage announcements.
I hope that we will launch this website very soon so that we can work on it real time and you will see what you like or don't like, what's broken and what works well. I may also post some video tutorials here to introduce the new website and more easily make it work for you.
Thank you!
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      Tuesday, July 23 2013, 07:07 PM - #permalink
      Testing : I wrote a reply (first clicking ADD A REPLY at the top) and it seemed fine. I paused though to click "subscribe to RSS" and it presented me with a different screen and when I tried to come back to my text, the Reply window was empty. I guess that's what the SAVED button is for in the bar above this. I'm going to click REPLY below to see if this will then be posted. I'll come back to this and the things you mentioned when I have a break later or tonight. Don
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        Tuesday, July 23 2013, 07:20 PM - #permalink
        Af first I didn't see a way to add another reply and then I figured that I needed to click the REFRESH button in the address bar at the top. That worked. I clicked ADD A REPLY again and am entering this. I'll send it now because I have to stop. It's obvious now that there needs to be a FAQ here or a thread that answers questions about how to get the forum to work smoothly. So far it's fine - mostly - but there are some ways that people need some help. That's another project. I'll click Reply beneath this YOUR REPLY box and refresh the page again and I should be ready next time when I have a break. Also, I'll let you know if I get an e-mail (I subscribed to this topic with a request for e-mails of the responses and subscribed to the RSS) and the process of accessing RSS also. More instructionz. Your review of the SNAKE/ROPE book aa a Featured Book entry needs immediate attention too. And as a text, I clicked browse for an attachment and am sending a photo - hopefully. Don'
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