The following photographs of James Hillman were taken at Pacifica Graduate Institute by Laura Marshall, a Ph.D.candidate at Pacifica in Mythological Studies.

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James Hillman at Pacifica Graduate Institute, 2008 and 2010
© Laura Marshall 2008, 2010. All rights reserved.

Pacifica's Opus Archives and Research Center is a "repository for rare and significant collections in the fields of mythology, archetypal psychology, and world culture." The repository contains The James Hillman Collection along with the Individual Archive Collections of Joseph Campbell, Christine Downing, Marija Gimbutas, Adolf Guggenbuhl-Craig (partial listing), Katherine Sanford, Jane Hollister Wheelwright and Joseph Wheelwright, and Marion Woodman.

The photographer, Laura Marshall, is a painter who also programmed and hosted a weekly program on world music over a 20 year period at KGNU Radio of Boulder. She currently teaches an introduction to art of the world from a global perspective to students at Naropa University of Boulder, Colorado. For more information see Laura Marshall's website: