Psych DialogueA Journal of Relational Perspectives


Launched in 1991, Psychoanalytic Dialogues was founded on the premise that within the diverse world of psychoanalysis there had developed a set of overlapping perspectives that regarded relational configurations of self and others, real and fantasied, as the primary units of human motivation and psychodynamic explanation. These perspectives emerged within interpersonal psychoanalysis; British object relations theories; self psychology; the empirical traditions of infancy research and child development; and certain currents of contemporary Freudian thought. This common relational model has come to provide a vitalizing framework within which clinical contributions can be situated and developed. Psychoanalytic Dialogues is dedicated to facilitating debate among theoreticians and clinicians working within this array of relational perspectives. Now published bimonthly, it continues to explore common ground; to clarify differences; and to raise the level of debate within the analytic community above slogans and formulas--all in the interest of enhancing our understanding of the intricate richness of the psychoanalytic process.



Anthony Bass, PhD Hazel Ipp, PhD Stephen Seligman, DMH